Who Is Honey Karosen?

Born in 1911 in Topeka, Kansas, Hannah "Honey" Karosen was 91 when she wrote her first book, Waddle and Jumbo: A Tale of Two Ducks. Nobody was surprised, given Honey's lifelong gift for words. An award-winning typist and prolific letter writer, Honey continues to pursue her passion at age 93, producing a story each week for her memoir-writing class.

Honey is also known for giving insightful — and, shall we say, "lengthy" — speeches punctuated with impeccable comic timing. She received standing ovations at all three of her granddaughters' wedding receptions and steadfastly refuses to leave the stage until she is good and ready. "They're pinching me to hurry up and finish, but I'm not done," Honey announced during her speech at granddaughter Suzanne's wedding reception, when she was flanked on stage by her daughter Judy and granddaughter Jennifer.

Honey has an insatiable curiosity that has kept her abreast of advancements in technology, and she has proudly bought her grandchildren computers over the years. Although she considered herself too old to use one herself, her grandchildren thought differently and convinced Honey, at age 86, to buy an iMac. She took to it immediately and continues to write her stories, letters and speeches on the computer.

Honey lives with her husband, Julius, at Bridge Point, a community for seniors in Beverly Hills, California. Married since 1936, Honey and Julius share a love for family, a taste for the finer things in life and a penchant for speaking their minds. They have two daughters, Judy and Shari, four grandchildren and three grandsons-in-law. Honey is adored and admired by all of them.

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